3-Dimensional Compressive Sensing and High-Quality Recovery for Phased Array Weather Radar – Ryosuke Kawami; Akira Hirabayashi; Takashi Ijiri; Shigeharu Shimamura; Hiroshi Kikuchi; Tomoo Ushio
A Polyconvex Relaxation of Three-Dimensional Registration Model Based on Saint Venant-Kirchhoff Type Stored Energy – Anastasia Zakharova
A Tractable Approach for One-Bit Compressed Sensing on Manifolds – Sara Krause-Solberg; Johannes Maly
Caratheodory-Tchakaloff Least Squares – Federico Piazzon; Alvise Sommariva; Marco Vianello
Coded Aperture Compressive X-ray Spectral CT – Angela Cuadros; Gonzalo Arce
Comparison of Uniform and Random Sampling for Speech and Music Signals – Nematollah Zarmehi; Sina Shahsavari; Farokh Marvasti
Compressed Sensing and Finite Isotropic Wavelets for the STIX Reconstruction Problem – Miguel Alejandro Duval Poo; Anna Maria Massone; Michele Piana
Compressive Time-of-Flight Imaging – Stephan Antholzer; Christoph Wolf; Michael Sandbichler; Markus Dielacher; Markus Haltmeier
Coprime Sensing by Chinese Remaindering over Rings – Conghui Li; Lu Gan; Cong Ling
Design of variable densities for least-squares approximations – Gilles Chardon
Dictionary Learning for sparse representation based on nuclear norm minimization – Enrico Au-Yeung
Digital Affine Shear Filter Banks with 2-Layer Structure – Zhihua Che; Xiaosheng Zhuang
Lissajous sampling and spectral filtering in MPI applications: the reconstruction algorithm for reducing the Gibbs phenomenon – Stefano De Marchi; Wolfgang Erb; Francesco Marchetti
Local Spatio-Temporal Representation using the 3D Shearlet Transform – Damiano Malafronte; Ernesto De Vito; Francesca Odone
Low-Rank Approximation for FMCW Automotive Radar – Johannes Sappl; Paul Meissner; Markus Haltmeier
Nonstationary multiresolution analysis for Vilenkin groups – Yuri Farkov
Numerical solution of fractional integro-differential equations with non-local boundary conditions – Arvet Pedas; Enn Tamme; Mikk Vikerpuur
Performance Bounds for Cosparse Multichannel Signal Recovery via Collaborative-TV – Lukas Kiefer; Stefania Petra
Phase-Increment Sampling in Chirp Signal Based Impedance Measurements – Olev Martens; Mart Min; Raul Land; Jaan Ojarand; Marek Rist
Recovery of Piecewise Finite-Dimensional Continuous Signals by Exploiting Sparsity – Hiroki Kuroda; Masao Yamagishi; Isao Yamada
Sampling and Approximation Theorems for Wavelets and Frames on Vilenkin group – Abul Hasan Siddiqi; P. Manchanda
Sampling in Grassmannians – Anna Breger; Martin Ehler
Sampling Reconstruction Procedures of a realization of Gaussian processes with limited spectrum and with an arbitrary number of samples – Vladimir Kazakov; Francisco Mendoza Sánchez
Shape Effects on Sampling of Stationary Processes – David Bonacci; Bernard Lacaze
Shearlets as Multi-scale Radon Transform – Francesca Bartolucci; Filippo De Mari; Ernesto De Vito; Francesca Odone
Signal reconstruction via operator guiding – Andrew V. Knyazev; Alexander Malyshev
Similarity Search Over Graphs Using Localized Spectral Analysis – Guy Ziv; Gil Shabat; Yariv Aizenbud; Amir Averbuch
Sparse Signal Recovery Using Structured Total Maximum Likelihood – Junjie Huang; Pier Luigi Dragotti
The Network Nullspace Property for Compressed Sensing over Networks – Alexander Jung; Ayelet Heimowitz; Yonina C. Eldar
Vallee Poussin Kernels, Shift-Invariant Subspaces and the Spline Connection – Ayush Bhandari