A Banach Space Property for Signal Spaces With Applications for Sampling and System Approximation – Holger Boche; Ullrich J Mönich
A Brief Theory of Guided Signal Reconstruction – Andrew V. Knyazev; Akshay Gadde; Hassan Mansour; Dong Tian
A Grid-free Frequency Estimation Method Using Multi-channel Co-prime Sampling Scheme – Wanghan Lv; Huali Wang; Shanxiang Mu
A New Concept of Variable Bandwidth – Karlheinz Groechenig
A Planar Large Sieve and Sparsity of Time-Frequency Representations – Michael Speckbacher; Luís Daniel Abreu
A Sampling Theorem for Convex Shapes with Algebraic Boundaries – Arash Amini; Hadi Mohaghegh Dolatabadi
A Sampling Theorem for Deconvolution of Point Sources – Carlos Fernandez-Granda; Brett Bernstein
A sampling theorem for functions in Besov spaces on the sphere – Philippe Jaming; Felipe Negreira
A Sampling Theorem for Symmetric Polygons – David Walnut
A semidefinite program for unbalanced multisection in the stochastic block model – Amelia Perry; Alexander Wein
A Unified View of Diffusion Maps and Signal Processing on Graphs – Ayelet Heimowitz; Yonina C. Eldar
Adaptive Singular Value Thresholding – Nematollah Zarmehi; Farokh Marvasti
Algebraic Phase Unwrapping with Self-Reciprocal Polynomial Algebra – Daichi Kitahara; Isao Yamada
An eigen approach to stable multichannel blind deconvolution under an FIR subspace model – Kiryung Lee; Felix Krahmer; Justin K Romberg
Analysis of Shearlet Coorbit Spaces in Dimension Three – Hartmut Führ; René Koch
Approximation of Periodic PDE Solutions with Anisotropic Translation Invariant Spaces – Ronny Bergmann; Dennis Merkert
Around Kotelnikov-Shannon formula – Maria Skopina; Yurii Kolomoitsev
Autocalibrating and Calibrationless Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging as a Bilinear Inverse Problem – Martin Uecker
Bandpass pseudo prolate shift frames and Riesz bases – Joseph Lakey; Jeffrey Hogan
Blind Gain and Phase Calibration for Low-Dimensional or Sparse Signal Sensing via Power Iteration – Yanjun Li; Kiryung Lee; Yoram Bresler
Blind Sparse Recovery From Superimposed Non-Linear Sensor Measurements – Martin Genzel; Peter Jung
Bounds on Discrete Fourier Transform of Random Mask – Nematollah Zarmehi; Farokh Marvasti
Community Detection in Hypergraphs, Spiked Tensor Models, and Sum-of-Squares – Chiheon Kim; Afonso Bandeira; Michel Goemans
Commutative properties of invertible multipliers in relation to representation of their inverses – Diana Stoeva; Peter Balazs
Complexity of multivariate problems based on binary information – Simon Foucart
Compressive Sampling and Least Squares Reconstruction of Correlated Signals – Ali Ahmed
Compressive Spectrum Estimation using Quantized Measurements – Haoyu Fu; Yuejie Chi
Constrained Blind Deconvolution using Wirtinger Flow Methods – Philipp Walk; Peter Jung; Babak Hassibi
Convergent Convolutional Dictionary Learning Using Adaptive Contrast Enhancement (CDL-ACE): Application of CDL to Image Denoising – Il Yong Chun; Jeff Fessler
Crowd Flow Completion From Partial Spatial Observations Using Kernel DMD – Hassan Mansour; Mouhacine Benosman; Vahan Huroyan
Deep Class-Aware Image Denoising – Raja Giryes; Alex Bronstein
Detection and Description of Scale Invariant Interest Points with Shearlets – Miguel Alejandro Duval Poo; Nicoletta Noceti; Francesca Odone; Ernesto De Vito
Determining spherical point distributions from their projections – Philippe Jaming; Aingeru Fernandez-Bertolin; Karlheinz Groechenig
Deterministic Phase Retrieval – Michael Kech
Dynamical Sampling with Random Noise – Longxiu Huang; Akram Aldroubi; Ilya Krishtal; Roy Lederman
Energy Blowup for System Approximations and Carleson’s Theorem – Holger Boche; Ullrich J Mönich
Estimation of Varying Bandwidth From Multiple Level Crossings of Stochastic Signals – Dominik Rzepka; Miroslaw Pawlak; Marek Miskowicz; Dariusz Koscielnik
Exponential decay of scattering coefficients – Irene Waldspurger
Extra invariance and Balian-Low type obstructions for Gabor spaces – Carlos Cabrelli; Ursula M. Molter; Dae Gwan Lee; Goetz E Pfander
Factor Analysis for Spectral Estimation – Joakim Andén; Amit Singer
Fast binary embeddings with Gaussian circulant matrices – Alexander Stollenwerk; Sjoerd Dirksen
Fast Blind Deconvolution and Blind Demixing via Nonconvex Optimization – Shuyang Ling; Thomas Strohmer
Fast Ewald summation for electrostatic systems with charges and dipoles for various types of periodic boundary conditions – Franziska Nestler
Fast Least Squares Pursuits for Sparse Recovery – Guy Leibovitz; Raja Giryes
Finite Sensor Dynamical Sampling – Carlos Cabrelli; Ursula M. Molter; Victoria Paternostro; Friedrich Philipp
Fourier extension and sampling on the sphere – Daniel Potts; Niel Van Buggenhout
Frame Scalability in Dynamical Sampling – Roza Aceska; Yeon Hyang Kim
Gelfand numbers, structured sparsity and Besov space embeddings with small mixed smoothness – Tino Ullrich; Sjoerd Dirksen
Generalization Error of Deep Neural Networks: Role of Classification Margin and Data Structure – Jure Sokolic; Raja Giryes; Guillermo Sapiro; Miguel Rodrigues
Generalized Absolute Convergence of the Series of Fourier Coefficients with Respect to Haar Type Systems – Sergey Volosivets; Boris Golubov
Geometric properties of Gabor frames with a random window – Palina Salanevich; Goetz E Pfander
Harmonic Mean Iteratively Reweighted Least Squares for Low-Rank Matrix Recovery – Christian Kümmerle; Juliane Sigl
Inside the Spectrogram: Convolutional Neural Networks in Audio Processing – Monika Dörfler; Roswitha Bammer; Thomas Grill
Interpolation of Sparse Graph Signals by Sequential Adaptive Thresholds – Mahdi Boloursaz Mashhadi; Maryam Fallah; Farokh Marvasti
Invariance and Stability of Gabor Scattering for Music Signals – Roswitha Bammer; Monika Doerfler
Irregular Orthonormal Gabor Basis in Finite Dimensions and Applications – Goetz E Pfander; Weiqi Zhou
Iterative Residual Fitting for Spherical Harmonic Transform of Band-Limited Signals on the Sphere: Generalization and Analysis – Usama Elahi; Zubair Khalid; Rodney Andrew Kennedy; Jason McEwen
Kernel Regression with Autocorrelation Prior – Akira Tanaka
Lebesgue Functions of Rational Interpolations of Non-band-limited Functions – Margit Pap; Ákos Pilgermájer
Manifold optimization for kmeans clustering – Timothy Carson; Soledad Villar; Dustin G. Mixon; Rachel Ward
Mixture Regression as Subspace Clustering – Daniel L Pimentel-Alarcon; Laura Balzano; Roummel Marcia; Robert Nowak; Rebecca Willett
Multitaper spectral estimation and off-grid compressive sensing: MSE estimates – Luís Daniel Abreu; José Luis Romero
Multivariate and Some Other Extensions of Sampling Theory for Signal Processing – A Tutorial Review – Abdul Jerri
Multivariate sparse FFT based on rank-1 Chebyshev lattice sampling – Daniel Potts; Toni Volkmer
Multi-Window Weaving Frames – Monika Doerfler; Markus Faulhuber
Non-Convex Low-Rank Matrix Recovery from Corrupted Random Linear Measurements – Yuanxin Li; Yuejie Chi; Huishuai Zhang; Yingbin Liang
Notes on the number of linear regions of deep neural networks – Guido Montufar Cuartas
On Bases of Cardinal Functions and Their Role in Approximate Sampling Methods – Keaton Hamm; Jeff Ledford
On generalized Blackman-Harris sampling operators – Gert Tamberg; Olga Orlova
On Multivariate Wilson Bases – Jakob Lemvig
On Sampling Theorems for Fractional Fourier Transforms and Series – Ahmed Zayed
On Send-on-Delta Sampling of Bandlimited Function – Adrian Huber; Shih-Chii Liu
On the optimality of the simple model sets irregular sampling – Basarab Matei
On the structures of Grassmannian frames – John Haas, IV; Peter Casazza
On Unlimited Sampling – Ayush Bhandari; Felix Krahmer; Ramesh Raskar
On Weaving Fusion Frames for Hilbert Spaces – Deepshikha Mehra; Saakshi Garg; Lalit K Vashisht; Geetika Verma
Operator representations of frames – Ole Christensen; Marzieh Hasannasab
Operator valued frames and applications to quantum channels – Khole Poumai; Shiv Kumar Kaushik; S. Djordjevic
Operator-theoretic approach to minimal-norm bandlimited interpolation of nonuniform samples – Nguyen T. Thao
Optimal-Dimensionality Sampling on the Sphere: Improvements and Variations – Wajeeha Nafees; Zubair Khalid; Rodney Andrew Kennedy; Jason McEwen
Orthogonal Greedy Algorithm For frames in Hilbert spaces – Khole Poumai; Shiv Kumar Kaushik
Performance of Real Phase Retrieval – Ehsan Abbasi; Fariborz Salehi; Babak Hassibi
Phase retrieval for solutions of the Shrödinger and Helmholtz equations – Philippe Jaming
Phase Retrieval in Spaces of Analytic Functions on the Unit Disk – Volker Pohl; Na Li; Holger Boche
Phase retrieval of evolving signals from space-time samples – Akram Aldroubi; Ilya Krishtal; Sui Tang
Phase Retrieval Using a Conjugate Symmetric Reference – Kejun Huang; Yonina C. Eldar
Phase Retrieval Using Unitary 2-Designs – Shelby Kimmel; Yi-Kai Liu
Photoacoustic ToF Tomography of Blood Cells: From Mathematical Approximation to Super-resolution – Ayush Bhandari; Eric Strohm; Kolios Michael; Ramesh Raskar
Projection-based Multivariate Frequency Estimation – Benedikt Diederichs; Armin Iske
Quantized Compressed Sensing for Partial Random Circulant Matrices – Felix Krahmer; Rayan Saab; Joe-Mei Feng
Random Walk Sampling for Big Data over Networks – Saeed Basirian; Alexander Jung
Recovery guarantees for compressed sensing with unknown errors – Simone Brugiapaglia; Ben Adcock; Richard Archibald
Recovery of Compactly Supported Functions from Spectrogram Measurements via Lifting – Sami Merhi; Aditya Viswanathan; Mark Iwen
Recovery of Missing Samples Using Sparse Approximation via A Convex Similarity Measure – Amirhossein Javaheri; Hadi Zayyani; Farokh Marvasti
Refined Performance Guarantees for Sparse Power Factorization – Jakob Geppert; Felix Krahmer; Dominik Stöger
Riesz bounds for prolate shifts – Jeffrey Hogan; Joseph Lakey
Sampling and Weyl’s Law on compact Riemannian manifolds – Isaac Pesenson
Sampling Architectures for Ultra-Wideband Signals – Stephen D. Casey; Howard Cohl
Sampling at unknown locations, with an application in surface retrieval – Michalina Pacholska; Benjamín Béjar; Adam Scholefield; Martin Vetterli
Sampling from binary measurements – On Reconstructions from Walsh coefficients – Laura Terhaar; Anders Hansen
Sampling Type Reconstruction Processes for the Disk Algebra – Holger Boche; Volker Pohl
Sharp Sampling Theorems in Shift-invariant Spaces – Karlheinz Groechenig; José Luis Romero; Joachim Stoeckler
Sobolev Error Estimates for Filtered Back Projection Reconstructions – Matthias Beckmann; Armin Iske
Some remarks on unconditionally convergent multipliers – Carmen Fernández
Sparse Approximation of Ion-Mobility Spectrometry Profiles by Binomial Splines – Yuki Koshino; Masaru Kamada
Sparse Approximation of Videos by Adaptive Linear Splines over Anisotropic Tetrahedralizations – Armin Iske; Niklas Wagner
Sparse Linear Contextual Bandits via Relevance Vector Machines – Davis Gilton; Rebecca Willett
Spatiotemporal Sampling Trade-off for Inverse Diffusion Source Problems – John Murray-Bruce; Pier Luigi Dragotti
Spectral estimation for non-stationary signal classes – Adrien Meynard; Bruno Torrésani
Sub-Nyquist Channel Estimation over IEEE 802.11ad Link – Kumar Vijay Mishra; Yonina C. Eldar
Test my test test – Pejman Rasti; Gholamreza Anbarjafari
The Poisson Summation Formula and the Selberg Trace Formula – Stephen D. Casey
The Rare Eclipse Problem on Tiles: Quantised Embeddings of Disjoint Convex Sets – Valerio Cambareri; Chunlei Xu; Laurent Jacques
The Weyl-Heisenberg ensemble: Statistical mechanics meets time-frequency analysis – Luís Daniel Abreu; Joao M Pereira; José Luis Romero; Salvatore Torquato
Time-Frequency Multitaper Methods Applied to Rumble Strip Noise – Christian Kasess
Understanding X-let sparsity via decomposition spaces – Felix Voigtlaender
Using Empirical Covariance Matrix in Enhancing Prediction Accuracy of Linear Models with Missing Information – Ahmadreza Moradipari; Sina Shahsavari; Ashkan Esmaeili; Farokh Marvasti
Vanishing moments of wavelet packets and wavelets associated with Riesz projectors – Nikhil Khanna; Varinder Kumar; Shiv Kumar Kaushik
Weighted least-squares approximation of elliptic PDEs with lognormal diffusion coefficients – Giovanni Migliorati